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Clint Lee Werner

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Clint Lee Werner aka Morgoth

Age: 30

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Interests: Beyond the obvious obsession with Godzilla and his monstrous comrades, I am a long-time fan of vintage
monster movies, back when they had acting and writing in place of CGI effects. I maintain an immense collection of
horror and sci-fi films, as well as an equally vast array of movie monster figures and models. I am also a voracious
reader, placing particular emphasis on the exploits of Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow, as well as anything pertaining
to the Cthulhu Mythos or Dr. Fu-Manchu. I have been a long-time wargamer and role-player and spend some of my free time
painting orcs and skaven for my Warhammer armies and Mordheim gangs. I also study military history and the Old West.
Oh yeah, and I enjoyed Star Wars, pre-Episode One.

Currently, I write stories for INFERNO! magazine, the Black Library’s bi-monthly fiction magazine set in the worlds
of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. My most recent writing credit has been the inclusion of my short story ‘A Choice of
Hatreds’ in the fantasy story anthology Lords of Valour. Future projects include writing a full-length fantasy
novel, if I can ever manage to make the time. In the past, a number of my stories have appeared in such Lovecraftian
magazines as ‘Midnight Shambler’ and ‘Cthulhu Codex’ and ‘Elder Signs’.

Blood Money, A Warhammer Novel by C. L. Werner

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Brandon Waggle

Web Page Design/Graphics Design

Brandon Waggle aka Sauron

Age: 25

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Interests: A one time computer programmer, I have an in depth knowledge of how computers operate. Over the past two years I have chosen to apply my computer ‘know how’ to the world of web page creation. Even now you are witnessing the fruits of my hours of collaberation with fellow kaiju fan, C. L. Werner, and many others. Although my knowledge of the hobby is fairly minute compared to that of Mr. Werner, I am learning about it at an alarming rate.

I am a big fan of videogames of all types. My favorite games at the moment are: Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater 4. At one time the world of Star Wars was my obsession, but with the release of the horrible Episode I & II, I have lost all interest in the hobby. I am also an avid reader, and at the time being, I am busy reading the output of one C. L. Werner.

Lord of the Rings is my current movie series of interest. I’m amazed they actually made a movie that does the book justice. ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ not only met my expectations for a film adaptation, it completely surpassed it. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading this drivel, and go rent it!

Rodan’s Roost is a creative endeavor that C. L. Werner and myself started in early 1998, but due to an “unfortunate set of events” it had to be put on hold until Early 2001. I daydream sometimes about how massive our site would be right now if we would have been adding to it for the last three years. The story of this “unfortunate set of events” is well chronicled below in this very section. I hope you enjoy our site, and thank you for your time.

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The Story of Rodan’s Roost: The Kaiju Site

Rodan’s Roost was first conceived in the mind of C. L. Werner in the latter part of 1997. He envisioned
a Kaiju website that could cater to all things Kaiju, not just another Godzilla focused website, like those that already fill the
Internet. After much thought and planning he approached his good friend, Brandon Waggle, who happened to know a good
amount about computers, but not so much about web page creation.

After a few months of learning and planning, Rodan’s Roost: A Kaiju Site debuted in its first iteration in April 1998.
While not spectacular in design or content, this early form of the site still had a good deal of information and could
hold its own against the other Godzilla/Kaiju sites out there. The site grew larger weekly and things were flowing

Disaster struck Rodan’s Roost on August 11, 1998. Early that morning, the computer housing all of Rodan’s Roost’s files,
information, and graphics, had a major meltdown. A power surge effectivley wiped out all of Rodan’s Roost on that
computer. The information all still resided on AT&T’s server however, and there was still hope.

All hope was lost a few weeks after the computer meltdown, when AT&T for no reason deleted all of Rodan’s Roost off
its web server. Despite paying a monthly fee, AT&T felt compelled to delete the files without warning or reason, scum and
villiany at its purest. With all hope lost, the AT&T account was promptly cancelled and Rodan’s Roost: A Kaiju Site was put to

While remaining in the hearts of its creators, the passion for creation had been erased, and Rodan’s Roost lay dormant
for two and a half years. During a domain name purchasing binge in late 1999, co-creator Brandon Waggle purchased
amongst other site names such as The first glimmer of Rodan’s Roost’s return appeared. However, the two creators
were now living far apart from each other and lack of communication, and varying work schedules kept Rodan’s Roost from

In August 2000, Brandon Waggle moved within minutes of the dwelling place of C. L. Werner, and the two creative forces behind
the site were reunited once again. In February 2001 the rebirth of Rodan’s Roost: A Kaiju Site kicked into full swing and by April 26th, 2001
the site had relaunched in a very bare bones form. Since that date Rodan’s Roost has been added to at an incredible rate,
now all of the information that was present in the original site has been added to the new. This occurs three years to the
date of the original site’s computer failure.

And it is with great fanfare we bring you our mega update, and a small name change, Rodan’s Roost: The Kaiju
Site. The new name reflects our commitment to becoming the largest information source for all things Kaiju. We hope
you enjoy our creation, and hope you will continue to visit us as we add to our already ‘monster’ sized site!

Brandon Waggle & C. L. Werner – Rodan’s Roost: The Kaiju Site, co-creators


Some members of Rodan’s Roost go above and beyond just contributions. In
addition to sending us pictures and information, these select few help shape the very site you are viewing.
If it were not for them, Rodan’s Roost would be a shadow of what it is today, and for that they recieve our
utmost Thanks.

Jeffrey R. Cooke — Trading Cards — Original Fiction — Kaiju Stats

James Delli-Bovi — Japanese Contact — Image Harvester — Books

Peter B. Hull — Original Fiction — Comics

John Martin — Image Harvester — Magazines — Editor

Robert Ranting — Fan Art — Anguir-Management


Rodan’s Roost appreciates all contributions made by our visitors. Everyone who contibutes to our site
will be recognized as a result.
Here you can find profiles on our contibutors, and they again receive our greatest thanks.

Rick Baxter — Video Games

Danny Beane — Fan Art

Ralph Carpenter — Fan Art

Dan Craven — Fan Art

A.J. Deese — Original Fiction

Rafael Gonzalez — Fan Art

Christine Graham — Original Fiction

Nick Hill — Original Fiction — Desumacchi Fight Recaps

G.J. Hudgens — Original Fiction

John J. (Varan101) — Original Fiction — Desumacchi Fight Recaps

Andrew MacGrain — Original Fiction

David Mcavoy — Original Fiction

Shannon Miller — Original Fiction

Chris Montoya — Magazines

Charles “RocketBoy” Reilly — Original Fiction — Kaiju Stats

Jeremy Sand — Original Fiction

Savin Sin — Fan Art

Andrew Smith — Desumacchi Fight Recaps

George Thomas — Original Fiction — Fan Art — Kaiju Stats

James Webster — Image Harvester — Original Fiction — Desumacchi Fight Recaps

Matt Wheeler — Fan Art

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