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Anguir-Management by Robert Ranting.

Anguir-Management by Robert Ranting

The Story…

Sure, we all love Kaiju Flicks, kicking back and watching monsters tear down miniature cities, but it’s all fake right? Guys in rubber suits?


The monsters are real, they’re people like you and me, (only taller, uglier, and a bit meaner to boot), struggling to get by in a world that’s not always easy to cope with. Some, like Godzilla and Mothra are blessed with steady jobs and enough merchandising royalties to let them live comfortably…other’s aren’t so lucky.

Take Anguirus here. He’s not been in a movie since 1974. What do you think his life is like? Well, it ain’t easy being a chainsmoking, antisocial, spine-backed hasbeen actor, but you can be sure that it’s not without it’s humorous bits.

Which brings me to the point of this project. We’re offering you a once-in-a-lifetime (ok, maybe once a month) opportunity to take a peak into the life of old Ang here. What you’ll find is that life on Monster Island is far from what the movies would have you believe…

Welcome to Anguir-Management

Original Art and Gags by Robert Ranting

Graphic Enhancement by Brandon Waggle

Anguir-Management by Robert Ranting:  Number One

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