A Singer’s Love for Baseball

nick_baseballWe know Nick Lachey for his stunning blue eyes and amazing vocals worthy of any crooner. We were delighted when he was married to the charming Jessica Simpson and when they were featured together in the MTV reality series Newlyweds. We have all Newlyweds episodes here! We also supported him with our whole hearts when their show (and marriage) ended in 2005.

We’ve continued to follow him and rejoiced with him as he found true love with Vanessa Minnillo. Now with an adorable three-year old son Camden and a daughter on the way, we couldn’t be happier for our guy Nick.

Though we know much about Nick Lachey’s love life, we might not be as familiar with his other personal interests. We probably don’t know that Nick Lachey is also a big fan of the American past time. He loved the game so much in fact, that in 2006, he bought a third of the Tacoma Rainiers franchise. The baseball team is the farm team and the Triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. The history of this baseball team is chronicled in this page.

Nick grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was a fan of the home team the Cincinnati Reds, which he failed to purchase. It wasn’t without attempt though –he tried to buy it when it came for sale six years earlier, but he wasn’t fortunate enough to seal the deal. However, the experience did ignite his interest to be involved in owning a team.

It’s no secret that Nick is passionate in entertainment, but the field of sports is clearly his other passion as well. Though he regrets not being a local owner and having the opportunity to be at every game, he does take time to really be invested emotionally and see things not just from a business perspective, but a fan’s point of view as well.

Even his friends talk highly of his love for the game. The devoted sports fan continues to give his support day in and day out to the team. Nick saw the many opportunities in baseball, with all its different leagues, and have enjoyed being involved in the game, even if it isn’t at the major league level. Although sports will never fully be the complete focus of Nick’s life, it does give him joy to practice his passion in a way that he enjoys.

The Tacoma Rainers are still playing as part of the Pacific Coast League, with their mascot Rhubarb the Reindeer at their ballpark, the Cherry Stadium. For more information about their games, you can always go visit their official website and get updates on their game schedule. If you find the play venues quite a distance away, bringing along your Tires Plus card will ensure that the journey will be safe and comfortable. Print out some Tires Plus coupons from this site to use with your card.

Interestingly enough, this sports enthusiast doesn’t only own a baseball team. He’s also part owner of the Hollywood Fame, a member team in the American Basketball Association based in Los Angeles, California. The team began playing in the fall of 2006 until the 2007 season, but is no longer a part of ABA.

And if owning his teams weren’t enough, he has also released a song called “Last One Standing”, which was written specifically for the NCAA’s Big East Conference basketball championship. His love for sports is certainly evident –even enough for him to sing about them.

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