KAIJU WHAT? A Beginner’s Guide to Kaiju

You’ve probably seen them, or at least a few of them. It is impossible not to because of their size and attitude. They have their own movies and TV shows and of course they have their own line of clothing and toys and their own annual event. The name given to their kind is a Japanese word which refers to a strange beast, but that is an understatement for this titanic, aggressively destructive monsters.

BeFunky_godzilla_star.jpgKaijus usually look like insects, reptiles and other animals and sometimes mythological creatures, of course with the size being multiplied hundred times over. They exist either in a different planet or a dimension different than ours, and are able to enter the human world thru a black hole or a portal at the bottom of the ocean. As for Godzilla, the most popular and only Kaiju who has a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, it lives in our world during the prehistoric era and was sleeping until a nuclear test woke him up. Once a kaiju is able to enter our world, instant destruction happens. It wildly tramples, chews, eats, tears and attacks with all its might everything on its way. When the level of destruction reaches the critical point, the hero, usually a giant robot with a human driver or operator, enters the scenenand stops the kaiju.

There exists a categorical classification of Kaijus according to their power and destructive ability. This was first presented in the movie Pacific Rim. A Kaiju would be classified as Category 1 if it is one of the weakest type and can easily be defeated. Category 2 Kaijus are, of course, more powerful than Category 1. Category 3 Kaijus poses a significant threat. In the movie, the shark-like kaiju named Knifehead is categorized as belonging to this category. Category 4 are too powerful to be defeated by only one Jaeger or any single hero, thereby requiring a team effort. The massive and muscular reptile looking Leatherback belongs to category 4. Category 5 is the highest and kaijus, like Slattern, belonging to this class are insanely powerful and extremely resistant to attacks.

BeFunky_categories.jpgAside from the overly famous Godzilla, some of the other famous kaijus include Rodan, a flying mutated prehistoric reptile that was once a mortal enemy of Godzilla. Gamera who resembles a turtle and can breathe fire and fly, also belong to the list of elite kaijus. King Ghidorah who is a three-headed flying dragon is also worth mentioning along with the colorful giant moth named Mothra.

BeFunky_bigbattel.jpgThere is no exact number of how many Kaijus there are, probably thousands, but one thing is for sure, there will be no shortage of Kaijus waiting impatiently to completely destroy the human race. Kaiju Big Battel is an annual monster wrestling event for humans dressed as kaiju characters. It is a parody of both professional wrestling and the Kaiju genre films of Japan. Participants in these sanctioned battles are grouped into five teams. These teams are The Heroes, Dr. Cube’s Posse, Team Space Bug, The Rogues and the Human Co-Stars and The Graveyard.

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