Rodan’s Roost: The Kaiju Site welcomes you!!!

Attention Roosters! – The Kaiju Forum is now back online.

Check out our “Kaiju on T.V.” section to find out when the next time Kaiju and Giant Monster movies are playing on cable or national television (All times are Eastern Standard Time).

Our new, improved Kaiju Forum 2.0 is now active! Stop by and register today: it’s fast, free, and easy. There are always fun and interesting conversations going on, and we would be pleased if you got involved and voiced your opinions. Just click on the ‘Forum’ button above to get started.

We will be updating the site on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for new stuff. Check out our “What’s New” section for a list of the latest updates on the site.

– Rodan’s Roost Administration
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