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On Pop Culture and Dolls

girls and dollsKids in the fifties played with different toys than the kids of this decade. Yoyo first became popular in America in the 1920s, along with bird whistlers and train sets. Mr. Potato Head and matchbox cars were popular in the 50s, GI Joe action figures in the 60s, and Game Boys started to become popular in the 80s. Sense a pattern? Just like books and movies, toys also reflect the current times.

With the rise of game consoles after Game Boys, young children have started to play with technological devices earlier on. Game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation series and the Nintendo Wii are popular toys for children. Phones and tablets like this newly-released Vtech InnoTab are portable games as well, used to placate any bored child.

But throughout all the changes in toys, most girls continue to play with dolls. Though the dolls have looked different over the years, it’s touching to know that some things never change. In a world where technology has become so advanced, dolls still hold a special place in our daughters’ hearts. Here’s why:


  1. She learns to move by herself

Dolls offer opportunities to develop cognitive and motor skills. As children tend to copy what the adults do (more than listen to what they say), parents will find that children develop self-help skills when they practice it on another object – in this case, the doll.

When your daughter acts like the doll is her own child, she repeats the actions she sees you do. It leads to the further development of her cognition. When she dresses, feeds, and cleans the doll, she is applying the technique while simultaneously learning it.And that’s a good thing. After all, if you ask any teacher, they’ll say that the best way to learn about something is to apply it.


  1. She starts learning about language

An anatomically correct doll can be helpful when teaching your child proper language. Words for body parts can be easily taught when you can point out to both her body and the doll’s. Your daughter will learn to express basic concepts and feelings when she starts talking about the child as a baby.

Your child will also feel that she is the parent of the doll, or the authority to be followed. So, she won’t speak to the doll in baby talk, but rather, how she envisions an adult would. That will practice her language skills and help improve them.


  1. She connects with the doll

This connection is important because it practices her for other human interaction. She tells herself she becomes responsible for the doll, so she starts to care for it. You can use playtime with dolls as a gauge (and rehearsal) to prepare her for her sibling.

By playing with her doll, she re-enacts life as she sees it happen. This helps widen her perspective and understand everyday concepts. While other toys can give the same lessons, dolls will offer children a unique experience of caring for something that looks almost human.


Each generation have different toys to play with, but somehow, dolls have stood the test of time. So this holiday season, give your daughter the gift of learning with the dolls you can buy with your American Girl Promo Code available in this website. Do not forget to get some of these doll accessories. It truly shows that though technology helps us in many ways, sometimes the tried and tested methods last because they work.

5 TV Channels For Kaiju Fanatics

kaiju tv channelThe Kaiju entertainment genre is a staple in Japanese pop culture, and its popularity has expanded to the western audience. This article shows how in the US alone, the most famous kaiju, Godzilla, has made its presence in the popular culture. However, American fans of kaiju films and television programs have often had a hard time satisfying their fix because offerings on TV were limited, partly due to the company Toho, owner of licensing rights to the famous Godzilla, being overly aggressive about its intellectual property, as discussed in this website. Nowadays, with the popularity of Internet streaming and the growing number of Web-based kaiju channels, it has become convenient for kaiju fans to keep up with the new films in this niche.

If you are a Comcast subscriber, you have the advantage of having more movie channels in your line-up to choose from. This means you can enjoy movie choices across various genres including kaiju, many of which may not be as popular or mainstream yet. Kaiju films, of course, have recently made their big debut in American entertainment via big budget productions like Godzilla and Pacific Rim. For the long-time kaiju fans, however, the authentic kaiju films are still the better option.

Among cable channels that are available to most Comcast subscribers in the United States, you can usually catch kaiju films and TV adaptations here:

  • The SyFy channel has long been known for airing hard-to-find cult favorites that you may not see on most other movie channels. In fact, in 2013, Bryan Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions developed a 90-minute pilot entitled Creature At Bay, revolving around a humongous Kaiju monster off the California coast. SyFy also regularly airs classic kaiju films during its late night programming blocks.
  • If Americanized and mainstream kaiju adaptations are more your thing, you will find plenty of these films on HBO, including the blockbuster Pacific Rim and the Godzilla movies. HBO is easily the most popular movie channel on cable, and its numerous platforms such as HBO Family, HBO Signature, and HBO Hits provide top-notch movie entertainment to viewers.
  • This cable and satellite channel has also become a destination for animation lovers, especially those who are looking for classic kaiju animated films. You might be able to come across a classic kaiju film on the late night block of G4, or you can also check out more recent offerings such as Kaiju Big Battel.
  • Sony Movie Channel. A few years ago, Sony Movie Channel featured a Godzilla Smash-a-thon, showing Godzilla and Mothra movies throughout a one-month period. You can still catch Godzilla and Mothra films on Sony Movie Channel every once in a while, or you can check out the on-demand listings to see if there are any currently available.
  • Cartoon Network. The popular network is geared towards younger audiences most of the day, but has been targeting older audiences in its late night programming schedule. If you monitor the listings, you might be able to catch some old kaiju animated films on Cartoon Network, or check out their on-demand listings as well.

Of course, aside from cable channels, you can also search the Internet for various websites that are dedicated to the kaiju entertainment genre. YouTube channels for kaiju lovers are quite plentiful, so all you need to do to enjoy your favorites is to have reliable and stable high-speed Internet connection, and you can stream the content to your computer or mobile device.

Make sure to check out the TV listings online so you are aware of any kaiju films being shown on your favorite movie channels. If you are experiencing cable connection problems, call the Comcast number provided here for immediate assistance.